Quilting with Children

My name is Heddi Craft and I am a teacher and mom who has been making quilts with children for many years. This page is designed to describe the projects I have organized and give you ideas, techniques, and resources for working with children in making quilts. If you would like to see your work featured here, please e-mail qwc@thecraftstudio.com.

For other resources I have put together, please visit my business website, the Educational Resource Center of Santa Cruz. There you will find links to other children's and educational websites, as well as reviews of toys and educational materials.

Heddi's class quilts

In this section you'll find descriptions and photos of the quilts I have done with children. Each page contains a description of the project, the techniques we used, and comments on how the project might have been improved. See "Heddi's class quilts" in the navigation bar to the left to go to each project. Projects include Tolliver's Secret quilt, based on an historical children's book, Lap robe project for the local nursing home, Our Favorite Places in Chase County raffle quilt, Favorite Places Everywhere raffle quilt, Fifty States quilt, Wallhangings for the El Mercado Fair, Women Making History quilt, The Millennium Quilt, and Santa Cruz County quilt.

Your group's quilts

Quilters see this page and they want to share! A great number of wonderful projects by other teachers, in schools and in homes, are featured in this section. The projects are sorted by the ages of the children they were created with: Pre-K to second grade, Third grade to sixth grade, Seventh grade through high school, Multiple grades, and Other group projects

Family quilting

A number of readers have made quilts at home with their own children. Read here about their projects and experiences.


Learn sewing and quilting techniques. These pages assume you have some experience with sewing and/or quilting. There are several good books in the Resources section if you are a beginner. Techniques described include creating picture blocks, designing pieced blocks, teaching hand sewing, putting the top together, suggested patterns for use with children, tying a quilt, and finishing the quilt.


Find all the resources that you will need for your project here. Books and websites that offer more information about quilting and sewing.

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